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Bunny Maze

by Nyssa
Bunny Maze image

Who can resist cute little bunnies looking for a quick snack? This design is something to make you or a friend smile everytime they look at the finished project!

The design is all cross stitching plus a lot of simple Smyrna Cross stitches. It’s easy and fast to work up even for a newbie cross stitcher. The bunnies have some half stitches to shape their little ears and bodies, so this design should be done on an evenweave, not an Aida-type fabric.

The carrot button comes from Mill Hill Beads, but if you have trouble tracking down one of these, you can substitute a brass or silver carrot charm. Or check out the button aisle at a sewing store. There are all sorts of clever buttons out there that would make a tempting treat for these hungry little bunnies. A small cookie maybe? Be creative!

If you need a substitute for the Sampler Threads variegated floss, you can use either a light green variegated floss from DMC or Anchor instead. Another trick would be to make your own version of a tonal floss by combining slightly different shades of regular green floss such as one strand of pale green and one strand of a medium green in your needle, then using the two together to stitch the Smyrna Crosses.

Image of Smyrna Stitch

Never tried a Smyrna Cross stitch? Think of it as a double cross stitch over twice the number of fabric threads as a regular cross stitch and you’ll do just fine. Follow the numbers of each leg of the stitch as shown on the illustration. If you’re a bit nervous, experiment and do a few of them on a doodle cloth (a scrap piece of evenweave fabric) until you feel confident in your newly found skill.

Click Bunny Maze Chart to download and save the chart. Zoom the image to full-page size in portrait mode, send it to your printer, and start looking for a tasty treat for your bunnies to seek.