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No Bouncing Around

by Laura

Have you ever received a bounce back email message? It looks authentic but did you know that it could be fake? A search on the internet will show that it’s relatively easy to create fake bounced email messages. You can also find images of fake bounce back email messages by doing a quick search.

Be aware that if your email account was hijacked, unfortunately your private email messages addressed to you are likely still being read by the hijacker (who may generate a fake bounce back email message). This includes your financial information, passwords, contact information for family and friends, private/personal messages for you, and more. This happened with a former email account of mine.

The image below shows the pop-up message that I see when I’ve tried to access my important, private email messages. The domain name is hidden for privacy.

Email Theft image

What can you do about this? Notify all of your contacts. Change your email address. You may need to contact the appropriate authorities.

It is a serious breach of ethics to steal an email account. If this has happened to you, send us a message about your experience. Was the problem resolved? If so, how? If you’d prefer that we keep your information confidential, we will do so. If you’d like for us to share your experience, we can do that as well (anonymously, if desired).