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Armed Gunmen, True Facts, and Other Ridiculous Nonsense by Richard Kallan

Logical Insight Report Card Grade: A
Reviewed by Nyssa

Do You Suffer from the Heartbreak of Tautologies?

Armed Gunman Cover image

You can take this book two ways: as a humorous collection of misuse of the English language or as an instructional manual listing common mistakes that you should not be making in your own compositions. Either way (or both) it's a hilarious reminder of how not to sound like so many politicians manage to do in just about every speech they make.

The tautologies in the book are broken down into categories of related verbal missteps with listings of "Close Relatives" of similar, poorly chosen descriptive combinations of words and phrases.

Many of the examples in the book are worthy of repetition, certainly not in your writing, but to share with friends to see their reactions. If they laugh along with you, you know they appreciate the silliness of such constructs and probably avoid using such in their own writing. If on the other hand, instead of grasping the redundancy of the item, he or she is overjoyed that you have helped him to find just the right phrase for the quarterly report he is drafting...

Sent from an undisclosed secret location, which is more clandestine than a disclosed secret location. Recommended.